Wooo! Another semester completed. Can’t wait to start my senior year.

I’m going to post about something that I’m super excited about. Perot Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas, Texas. Oh, I can’t wait to see it and visit it. Designed by the architect Thom Mayne and the landscape architecture firm is Talley and Associates.

It’s also either registered or striving for LEED, Green Globes, and Sustainable Site Initiative. Very Impressive.

Van Gogh – Gauguin’s Armchair 1888

Furniture design has always interested me. I would love to continue my education for product or furniture design or maybe just do it on the side. Anywoooo, here are some chairs that I think are amusing.

Plastic Skull Chair – I want a set of these on my deck…NOW

Octopus Chair – Maximo Riera. What?! Wow. Insanity. This is a sculpture.

Splash chair – Michael L. Wendel. Inspired by water drops in slow motion. I want to sit in this chair. It looks really comfortable actually and makes me want cereal for some reason.

This is actually taken from my living room. Yes, I own a big, red, velvet flower chair and I love it. It’s really hard to move and get into places because of its petals but I will never get rid of it.

But of course you got to love the classics. Can’t wait for my first designer chair purchase. Which one will it be? This will have be after I find a job though. Boo.

Love this picture. George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Jens Risom. Just some of the greats. Picture taken for Playboy in the early 60’s.

Stair Master

Stairs are usually those pesky little problems that I have to find space for in my interior design projects. I have never spent much time in making them a centerpiece or focal point. After seeing these designs I will now spend more time. Works of art!

Southern Burgenlan, Judith Benzer Architecktur. Beautiful floating staircase. It’s like a metal sculpture

Hillcrest, Kelly Wearstler. Making a focal point. I absolutely love everything in this photo. The carpet on the stairs are so cool

Staircase slide! Alex Michaelis. Wonderful idea I don’t think I would ever use the stairs if I had this in my house. There are many wonderful articles about this designer. He seems brilliant.

La Maison Unique, New York. Heatherwick Studio. This firm is absolutely amazing! Out of this world designs. These stairs are unreal. Love the color and form.

Ha. The Brady Bunch staircase. Gives you a sense of home feeling, no? Just me?

Grow Up

I love parks and playgrounds (swings are my favorite). Playground equipment is becoming more innovative and unique to each individual park which makes them special to its area.

This is a design group, MONSTRUM, that does specialty pieces that are extraordinary. No two are exactly alike, but I bet you still haven’t seen anything like these in your local park.

The Blue Whale in Gothenburg, Sweeden. I think this one is my favorite. Painted blue on the outside and pink on the inside.

This picture is taken inside one of the towers in Fælledparken. So cool!

Tutti Frutti installation. Adorable. There are more types of fruit as well. I would love to show these off in my front yard!

Designers have been thinking of ways to build a playground. More innovative products to help children with motor skills and perception. These are new ideas for helping kids develop their senses from Goric.

Rain maker

Dance chimes for those kids that need to constantly be making noise. (Some one from studio please insert picture of St. Louis)

Speaking of St. Louis……..CITY MUSEUM IS THE MOST AWESOME PLACE EVER! BEST (indoor) PLAYGROUND EVER. I have never seen so many of my fellow classmates (ages 20-24) get so excited and return to an adolescent stage running around this place.

This place has a playground on the roof!

A 10 story metal slide! That sucker is fast.

and caves underground. (Me and Dusty Westfall)

Every nook and cranny of this place you can crawl in and out of.

It use to be an old factory. Did I mention there is also a skate park in it as well?

All of these designs are using environmentally friendly products in some way. The City Museum is all made from recycled goods. It’s incredible!

Grow up?

NEVER!!! (Me and Sammi Jones, 2007 Brussels, Belgium)

So, I can not stop listening to Jack White’s new solo album Blunderbuss! It is everything I hoped it would be. I bet you can guess that I’m a huge Jack White fan. I’ve seen The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, and just recently the man himself a couple of weeks ago in Tulsa, OK (which was a-ma-zing). Ah if only I could see The Raconteurs it would be complete!

My post today is inspired by Jack and his awesomeness.

Found this outdoor sculpture by the artist Tom Fruin in Copenhagen, Kolonihavehus.

De Stijl vibes.

Jack White has a thing for red heads. Rita Hayworth may be his favorite because she is the subject of some of his songs and on the back of a guitar.

Top left: Rita guitar. Bottom left: Dunhill men's wear winter 2010 showroom for NY fashion week. Very much like a black and white movie. Middle: Beautiful Rita Hayworth, Gilda. Right: I see Gilda in this fabulous dress designed by Alexander McQueen.

Jack White acted in Cold Mountain and played on its soundtrack. This is a clip from the movie when he plays Wayfaring Stranger. I love this song so much and freaked out when I heard this for the first time.


Left: Jack White looking like a outlaw country singer. Love. Middle: This is a jewelry store in Paris named Podium-1. It looks like an old store that you might see in the movie. Reminds me of "old money" with its use of color and finishes. Right: Runway look designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, fall 2005, giving Cold Mountain realness.

Another reason why Jack White is one of the coolest people ever is that before he played music he worked as an upholsterer in Detroit.

Saarinen Womb Chair. Saarinen actually went to the same school as Jack White.

Bertoia Diamond Chair. Harry Bertoia is from Detroit also. (Actually Italian-but moved to MI at a young age)

Ah….what a beautiful day here in Fayetteville, AR. Sun is shining, cool breeze it was perfect. It makes me ready to sit outside by a pool somewhere. Ready, ready, ready, ready.

A house with roof pools? What? Yes! Designed by Global Architectural Development, the Exploded House, in Bodrum, Turkey.

Be Tulum Resort design by Sebastian Sas. So cool, please take me there. Love the infinity pool.

Another home on the Fayetteville Modern Home Tour that I went on last week had the most awesome outdoor area.

Designed by Melissa Haynes. Love this backyard. I think it's smart to surround the pool with grass so you don't burn your feet. Local designer


But all the beautiful pools in the world couldn’t pull me away from my favorite natural swimming pool, Hogscald Hollow, out by Eureka Springs.

Best rope swing.



Lately I’ve been looking up prints or posters for my brother’s new and naked house. He said he needs art! I have also been painting a one-eyed boston terrier for my friend for her graduation. Art has been coming up more and more in my everyday life where design is usually the front runner. Great change of pace and fun to look at.

These are a few of my all time favorites and new finds.

Wayne Thiebaud, Cakes.

Man Ray, Tears. Always

Van Gogh, Skull With Cigarette. Sad story, I bought this print at his museum in Amsterdam and left it on the train. Boo!

Sally Mann, The Family and The Land. Love her photography.


Charmaine Olivia, Madeline. I posted one of her pieces on an earlier post. Want one of her pieces! I will fly to France to meet her and buy one.


Amy Sia, Obsession. Just found her prints on Soicety6 and really dig what she does.


This is by a friend of mine in Fayetteville, Joelle Storet. I love her art. She can whip them out so fast, and her pieces are all scattered around town and also in other countries. I actually have 2 of her posters and bought one for my brother.

Joelle Storet, Rio. Don't own this one, but love it. She is so talented.


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